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BAS Due Dates for Monthly BAS Lodgement and Payment

Monthly Business Activity Statements (BAS) are generally due on the 21st of each month and report the activity of the previous month. However, if the 21st falls on the weekend or a public holiday (either national or state), then the due date will be the next business day.

Lodgement and payment should be received at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) before midnight.

Some extenuating circumstances mean that you may be able to lodge and pay after the relevant due dates. One example of a relaxation or extension of due dates was around early 2011 for flood-affected businesses.

If the BAS is lodged late, then the ATO is likely to send out a notice requesting lodgement. Whether a fine has already been applied or not depending on how overdue the BAS is. Sometimes, you may receive a warning prior to the fine.

The fines include a Late Lodgement Fee and a General Interest Charge (GIC) on the amount of time overdue. However, we have noticed that the GIC is refunded back if the BAS is not many days overdue. We have also noticed that, if you have just missed one BAS after a string of BASs being on-time, you may not be fined. But don’t count on this!

With quarterly BASs, you can get extra time to lodge and pay when lodging electronically via an ATO portal – such as the Business Portal, BAS Agent Portal, or Tax Agent Portal. However, this is not the case with monthly BASs.

There are some good reasons to voluntarily move from quarterly BASs to monthly. However, be aware of being on-time with your monthly BAS reports and the additional time required to put together the extra paperwork. Or, notify your BAS agent about your desire to switch.

2013 Monthly BAS Due Dates

Please note that the following dates do not take into consideration national/state holidays.

January 21 — Monday
February 21 — Thursday
March 21 — Thursday
April 22 — Monday
May 21 — Tuesday
June 21 — Friday
July 22 — Monday
August 21 — Wednesday
September 23 — Monday
October 21 — Monday
November 21 — Thursday
December 23 — Monday

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