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Eligible businesses may apply for our services

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Client eligibility criteria

Due to the demand of our services, we have put in place an application form for prospective clients to complete.

We still have a soft spot for start-ups, growing businesses and not-for-profits. So, if you don't meet all of the criteria below, don't be shy to complete the application form and explain how Bizgro could be a benefit to your business or organisation.

The following criteria must be met to increase your chance of engaging our bookkeeping services.

  • Gross annual sales of $250,000 per year OR be a start-up, growing business or not-for profit
  • Does not receive the majority of revenue/benefit from gambling, adult products/entertainment, alcohol & tobacco
  • Operate the business and manage staff with legal & ethical business practices
  • Dutiful respect for ATO lodgements and payments
  • Moral obligation for payroll including the lodgement and payment of superannuation
  • The business must be solvent - it must expect to be able to meet all financial commitments when they are due and payable
  • The company must value timely and appropriate communication practices at all times via any method including - but not limited to - email, phone, SMS/text, social media, chat and face to face communication
  • The company must strive to expedite the provision of access, information & documents when requested especially if required by law
  • The company agrees to make sincere attempts to resolve any disputes between the company and Bizgro directly with Bizgro, with the intent to resolve the issue promptly and not bring the name of Bizgro and or assigns, employees or associates into disrepute

Professional bookkeeping services

Get your bookkeeping sorted from now on with our professional bookkeeping services. We are not a franchise and the founders of the business - Stephen & Charmaine Bazley - still own the business and work in it. You can call them direct any time.

Hourly rates

We mainly work off an hourly rate rather than packaging services into fixed monthly prices. So there is no need for a pricing tool or cost calculator to add up all that you might need. This allows us just to do what we need to do and bill just the right amount. When you're happy, we're happy.

Fixed monthly pricing

Some businesses do prefer a monthly fixed fee. This can be helpful for certain types of businesses like not-for-profits where they have a fixed budget that is approved by the board. As mentioned, we are flexible and we're happy to agree on any payment arrangement. We'll even accept chocolate!

No contracts

Our rates always go up over time to keep up with inflation and the increase in our skill and service. But don't worry, we don't force our customers into contracts. So you can leave at any time and we will hand everything over nicely for the next person who does your bookkeeping. Having said that, many of our clients have been with us well over 10 years.

Contact our office

For details regarding our excellent services, You are also welcome to give us a call anytime on 07 3800 3100 or send us quick message on our contact page and be sure that we’ll get back to you, urgently.

Choose any software or service

  • Certified professional partners & resellers in all major accounting software.
  • Certified bookkeepers, accountants, tax & BAS Agents.