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Bookkeeping Rates Per Hour 2019

We normally bill on an hourly basis. Our rates may increase every couple of years or more. Check here for our latest rates.

Xero Pricing

Looking for subscription deals? Search our website for Xero coupon codes and check here with the best Xero pricing we can offer as Xero Partners.


Do you need fixed monthly rates or do you prefer hourly bookkeeping rates? Bizgro offers flexible payment options that suit you.


Get to know all the costs involved with bookkeeping and what Bizgro charges for. We meet the needs of many businesses right across Australia.

Get your bookkeeping sorted from day one with our efficient bookkeeping pricing. The pricing for our bookkeeping services is quite flexible and affordable. We are not a franchise and the founders of the business - Stephen & Charmaine Bazley - still own the business and work in it. You can call them direct any time.

We mainly work off an hourly rate rather than packaging services into fixed monthly prices. So there is no need for a pricing tool or cost calculator to add up all that you might need. This allows us just to do what we need to do and bill just the right amount. When you are happy, we are happy.

Some businesses do prefer a monthly fixed fee. This can be helpful for certain types of businesses like not-for-profits where they have a fixed budget that is approved by the board. As mentioned, we are flexible and we're happy to agree on any payment arrangement. We'll even accept chocolate!

Our rates always go up over time to keep up with inflation and the increase in our skill and service. But don't worry, we don't force our customers into contracts. So you can leave at any time and we will hand everything over nicely for the next person who does your bookkeeping. Having said that, many of our clients - big and small - have been with us well over 10 years.

For details regarding our excellent services, You are also welcome to give us a call anytime at 1300 249 476 or send us quick message on our contact page and be sure that we’ll get back to you, urgently.

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