Hourly Bookkeeping Service Rates

Standard Bookkeeping (work done at Bizgro) $55/hour + GST

Advanced Bookkeeping (work done at Bizgro) $66/hour + GST**

Onsite Bookkeeping (work done at client premise) $66/hour + GST

Travel $66/hour + GST

Accounting / Checking /Training $70-$110/hour + GST***

**Around 25% will be at the advanced rate. Includes items like finalising the month’s books, reporting, BAS and dealing with adhoc items (ie loans, payroll questions etc).

*** Only offered to a select few businesses in special circumstances or new clients where Bizgro is involved with their monthly bookkeeping

Fixed price monthly service also available.

Average Client Cost

$300/mth+GST (approx $3,600/yr + GST)

Minimum Client Cost

Minimum twice quarterly cost (For example, Jan and Feb completed and then Mar + BAS)

$150/mth + GST twice per quarter

Fixed Price Easy Monthly Payments

Yes we can offer fixed price monthly payments. After a period of time we can determine with you a reasonable monthly payment, a rate that we are both happy with. How soon we can offer a fixed price will depend on how predictable our workload on your bookkeeping will be.

For details regarding our excellent services, You are also welcome to give us a call anytime at 1300 249 476 or send us quick message on our contact page and be sure that we’ll get back to you, urgently.