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Need a MYOB Bookkeeper, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been doing MYOB bookkeeping for over 15 years for numerous industries across Australia.

Onsite MYOB Bookkeeper

You’re in luck if you need a professional MYOB Bookkeeper. We have been a MYOB Professional Partner from 2003 and Certified Consultant from 2005. It is convenient for many businesses to have a local bookkeeper to do their bookkeeping because they not only can meet face-to-face but also but also have the bookkeeper come on site if required.

Remote MYOB Bookkeeping

With cloud accounting, remote MYOB bookkeeping is a lot easier than it used to be because we can work on the live file together from different cities. Even if you don’t have MYOB connected on the internet we can still service you the old way of backing up your file or just letting us do it all from our end. Many Toowoomba clients like the remote bookkeeping even though they are local because we don’t take up space in their office and they can focus on doing other things while the bookkeeper does the bookkeeping.

MYOB Certified Consultant

Initially we didn’t bother becoming certified with MYOB as we are CPA qualified and so if we understand accounting we can drive any accounting software package. However there is advantages of being a MYOB certified consultant. It ensures we are up-to-speed on the latest software, features and benefits.

MYOB Professional Partner – Public Accountant

The advantage of being a MYOB professional Partner is that we can call a special team at MYOB for free help whenever we need it for MYOB specific software support. We also get all the MYOB software for free for us to use internally. However, we do have to pay an annual fee and meet criteria to receive these benefits.

MYOB does not provide bookkeeping advice. Bookkeeping is our job, software support is MYOB’s job. The benefit to the MYOB end client is that they can call us (1300 BIZGRO) and we can take ownership of both the accounting and software issues. The client only needs to call Bizgro to get the issue resolved fast, more affordably and with less stress.

MYOB Software


Buying MYOB Software can be confusing especially when it changes so frequently. Gone are the days when there was one version that came out every year.

Options to suit you

Do you need payroll, multi-user, online access and the list goes on. Do you want to pay monthly, yearly, buy out-right, upgrade…

Which product?

Bizgro can help you solve the MYOB purchasing puzzle – aka MYOBia (look it up ?). MYOB is a great product if you buy the right MYOB product for your business.

Recommended product

MYOB AccountRight Live

MYOB AccountRight Live is pretty cool because you can switch it from online to offline (ie your desktop PC/laptop) and visa-versa anytime (while you are connected to the internet of course). That means you can have MYOB on your local PC when your going to go out of range on your internet connectivity (eg out to a mine site in the middle of nowhere). Then it will sync back when you switch it back to online.

This is the full-blown MYOB and it doesn’t have the limitations like MYOB LiveAccounts. However, it may be slightly slower in online mode but still well worth the investment.

Not recommended

MYOB LiveAccounts

MYOB LiveAccounts is the first cloud based MYOB product to come out. However, it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles. It is a snag short of the barbie and we don’t have any clients using it probably because we’d recommend MYOB AccountRight Live which became available some time after MYOB LiveAccounts hit the market.

Don’t get me wrong – we’d be happy to discuss your bookkeeping if you use MYOB LiveAccounts and use it if we have to. They probably have improved it from the initial release.

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