Bizgro Bookkeeping

Termination Calculations

When employment ends, usually a termination payment is required.

There are many special rules regarding termination payments. These rules relate to the:

Amount of pay required

Here is a list of the most common type of termination payments:

  • Annual leave on termination
  • Golden Handshake payment
  • Pay in Lieu of Notice
  • Long Service Leave on termination

Tax to be deducted

The amount of tax that is to be deducted may be determined by the age of the person, the reason for the termination, and the type of the payment. Bizgro understands the different rules to ensure the tax is deducted correctly.

Superannuation to be paid

Depending on the type of the termination payment, will determine if super is required to be paid.

Special forms to be filled out

Often times, if there is a termination payment, an ETP summary form will need to be filled out. This is in addition to a payment summary. Also, there are special labels that are on the payment summary that need to be entered.

In summary, Bizgro is happy to help businesses by calculating termination payments for them and filling out the appropriate forms.

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