Bizgro Bookkeeping

EOFY Preparation

Everything your accountant needs each year

Bizgro is held in high esteem by many accounting firms due to our End of Financial Year preparation service.

Throughout the year, we make notes for the accountant about transactions they will need to review.

We also chase up documentation we believe the accountant will need at end of financial year.

Then, during July and August we prepare a folder of documents for your accountant, providing them with everything they need to complete a fast and accurate tax return for your business.

This not only makes your accountant’s job easy and stress-free, it also saves you money because accounting time is essentially halved. Our unique End of Financial Year Preparation is also beneficial in the sense that it allows you to prepare a budget much sooner than you would have expected, now that you know your tax obligations.

We run internal training sessions in the months leading up to this period so that all Bizgro bookkeepers are meeting their clients’ expectations. We also take the initiative to liaise with accountants to ensure that everything they require is being provided.

Want peace of mind during EOFY? Let us help.