Bizgro Bookkeeping

Data Entry

After servicing over 600 clients from many different industries over a period of 20 years, we understand the requirements of small businesses and how we can make it easier for your accountant at end of financial year.

If the data entry is completed correctly, your accountant can trust the data and use their time to help you make more informed decisions. Since our bookkeepers are highly trained and particular, we ensure transactions do not 'slip' through the cracks and get coded incorrectly. Throughout the year, we make notes for your accountant on transactions that we believe need attention by them. We chase up documentation during the year, so at the end of financial year, information is ready to give to the accountant.

We complete data entry for many types of transactions. These include:

  • Customer Invoice Creation
  • Match Customer Payments to Invoices
  • Supplier Bill Entry
  • Payment of Supplier Invoices
  • Entry of withdrawal transactions including direct debits, fees, credit card transactions etc

After the data entry is completed, we then:

  • Ensure the bank reconciliation is completed and any not reconciled items are dealt with
  • Check the GST
  • Deal with any tricky transactions such as asset purchases and sale, loans, insurance funding
  • Lodge the BAS

For approximately 80% of clients, they take control over generating invoices for their customers and the payment of their supplier invoices through their bank account. Our bookkeepers are then responsible for matching customer payments and entry of the supplier transactions after they have been paid. By using this method, our clients are in full control of the customer invoices that are sent as they know their customers. They are also control of who and when their suppliers are paid.

Have your transactions up-to-date now with Bizgro.