New Employees & Forms Required

Onboard new staff efficiently with all you need

Employing new staff members and setting them up can be time consuming. If the employees are not setup correctly, in the future there may be a backpay calculation required. At Bizgro, our staff are trained to setup new employees for our clients. We have processes to make this task a lot easier. Here are 3 forms that a new employee needs to receive. We also have other payroll templates that can help our clients to manage their employees. The 3 forms are:

  • TFN declaration
  • Superannuation Choice Form
  • Fairwork Information Statement

TFN Declaration

When a new employee starts, a TFN declaration form needs to be filled out. The main reason this form is required, is so you know how to tax an employee. For example, on the form it tells you whether they are claiming the Tax Free Threshold, if they have a Student loan etc. It also provides information such as their tax file number and address details. This form can be download. These details need to be lodged with the ATO either electronically or manually.

Withholding Declaration

If an employee wants to change how they are being taxed (eg wants to now claim the tax free threshold), they need to fill out a Withholding Declaration Form. This form is not required to be submitted to the ATO. Instead it provides documentation on how to now tax them. This form can be downloaded.

Superannuation Choice Form

Your employee should also fill out a super choice form when they first begin employment with you which can be downloaded. This gives you information regarding which fund you are to remit super to. Some employees have self managed super funds. If this is the case, they need to give you extra information on the form such as:

  • Fund Name
  • Fund Address
  • Fund Phone Number
  • Fund Electronic Service Address (ESA)
  • Fund Bank account including BSB and Account Number

Many super clearing houses, allow you to setup self managed super details to make the process easy.

Fairwork Information Statement

Fairwork has an information statement that needs to be given to all new employees. This form can be downloaded.