Bizgro Bookkeeping

Monthly BAS

If a business goes over a certain threshold, Business Activity Statement (BAS's) and Instalment Activity Statements (IAS's) may be required to be lodged a monthly basis.

Bizgro is a BAS agent and can lodge your BAS/IAS's. You will be required to lodge your BAS on a monthly basis, if your GST turnover is $20 million or more. You may elect to lodge your GST on a monthly basis if it is less. If your yearly PAYG (tax deducted from employee's wages) is more than $25000, then you will be required to lodge your PAYG on a monthly basis.

For 50% of our clients, we lodge a quarterly and a IAS monthly. As a result, their lodgment programme would look like this. This includes the extension that we receive since we are BAS agents

  • January

    PAYG withholding (due on 21st February and lodged on IAS)
  • February

    PAYG withholding (due on 21st March and lodged on IAS)
  • March

    GST for January to March, PAYG for March only (due on 25th May)
  • April

    PAYG withholding (due on 21st May and lodged on IAS)
  • May

    PAYG withholding (due on 21st June and lodged on IAS)
  • June

    GST for April to June, PAYG for June only (due on 25th August and lodged on BAS)
  • July

    PAYG withholding (due on 21st August and lodged on IAS)
  • August

    PAYG withholding (due on 21st September and lodged on IAS)
  • September

    GST for July to September, PAYG for September only (due on 25th November and lodged on BAS)
  • October

    PAYG withholding (due on 21st November and lodged on IAS)
  • November

    PAYG withholding (due on 21st December and lodged on IAS)
  • December

    GST for October to December, PAYG for December only (due on 28th February and lodged on BAS)

To lodge your GST on a monthly basis, The thresholds are to report on a monthly basis is if you GST turnover is $20 million ore more

No extensions are received for monthly BAS/IAS's that are required to be lodged. Fines can be received for BAS's/IAS's that are not lodged on-time. For a small entity, the penalty is calculated $210 per 28 days it is late. This is calculated up to 5 periods that are late.

Lodge on time with Bizgro.