Bizgro Bookkeeping

Setup & Training

Since we have been involved with over 600 clients, we understand that setup of the datafile including the chart of accounts needs to be planned. It needs to be based on what reports are required to effectively manage the business. The datafile also needs to be setup so that the business processes can run smoothly. Bizgro Bookkeeping is a certified consultant in packages such as Xero, MYOB, Reckon and Intuit. Therefore our experienced bookkeepers know the capabilities of each of these products and can recommend the pros and cons for your business based on your requirements before choosing a package.

There are a number of steps to the setup of your accounting datafile:

  • Chart of Accounts created (usually in Excel)
  • Customer Masterfile list created (usually cleaned up before imported into the new datafile - Excel)
  • Supplier Masterfile list created (usually 'massaged' before being imported into the new datafile - Excel)
  • Invoice/credit notes/statement layouts created so they can be emailed from the accounting system
  • System defaults setup
  • Template Email wording chosen

Bizgro can help with the setup of your accounting datafile. We ask you a series of questions and sometimes give you 'homework' so we can setup your accounting file correctly.

Once the datafile has been setup, we can train your staff in the software. Instead of going to a classroom situation and learning generic procedures, we tailor the training to your real-life transactions. This way, you can ask our bookkeepers how to deal with tricky situations and make notes. We may even be able to setup a process to make the 'tricky' situation easier to process.

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