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Ensure your staff get what they deserve

The interpretation of awards can be very complex.

An award can specify details regarding an employee's entitlements:

  • Pay rate
  • Hours of Work
  • Breaks required
  • Allowances
  • Penalty Rates
  • Overtime

There are many businesses that specialise in the interpretation of these awards to ensure you are paying your staff correctly. Although Bizgro does not give advice on awards, we can suggest business/government organisations that you can ring to get the correct advice. Based on this advice, we can then setup the payroll in your accounting software. We also understand the overall mechanics of payroll, so if we see something that we do not believe is correct, we can flag it to you. Then you are able to get the correct advice.

In some situations, an employee may not be covered by an award or agreement. In this situation, the employee will be award and agreement free. Usually employers will have the employee sign an employment contract. The employees that are award free, will be entitled to at least the national minimum wage and the national employment standards.

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