Bizgro Bookkeeping


Professional service to keep your staff

Paying your employees has never been easier with Bizgro Bookkeeping.

Even if we’re not doing your books, Bizgro can provide you with a weekly payroll service. There are many misconceptions with payroll, and we at Bizgro argue that it is one of the most important areas of your business to be constantly on top of. If your staff are paid correctly, then they will be happy and provide better service to your clients.

Payroll suited to your needs

Whether you’re using a computer software program or a wage book, Bizgro will liaise with you to ensure the best system is in place. Often this takes place within the initial appointment.

In most cases, our clients email us the hours and then we process the payroll. We then email the payslips to your employees and provide you with payment details. It is up to you whether Bizgro pays your employees directly, or whether we calculate the figures for you to then pay.

After lodging the STP each pay period, we then reconcile and lodge the superannuation at quarter end and submit your PAYG on the BAS.

By working with you on your payroll, we aid in:

Helping you to pay your staff correctly.
Although we don't provide an award interpretation service, we understand the nuts and bolts of awards and can inform you regarding which people you should speak to so the correct advice is given.

Helping to ensure the correct tax is deducted from your employee's wages
The team at Bizgro can ensure that the right amount of tax is withheld each week from your employees, so that they can have peace of mind when doing their tax return at the end of the year.

Helping you meet your superannuation (super) obligations.
We lodge your superannuation electronically and on time. Prior to lodging it, we reconcile your super to ensure you have meet your obligations.

Payment Summaries

Bizgro also generates payment summaries and sends them to your employees. This makes the end of financial year easy for you. These payment summaries are reconciled against the relevant documents to ensure the ATO is happy. Also, when required, Bizgro can help calculate your termination pays. There are many special rules regarding termination pays, so our clients enjoy the ability to pass the responsibility to us to calculate them.

We also pride ourselves in the relationships we form with clients and their employees.

For most clients, we liaise directly with you. However, in some instances, we can liaise with your employees directly.

Have your employees paid accurately and on time with Bizgro.