Bizgro Bookkeeping


Accurate government reporting lodged on time

If Bizgro is entering and checking your data on a regular basis, calculating and lodging the statements is a quick process.

We understand how the data has been entered and can generate reports to accurately report your business activity. Due to the extensive training that our team undergoes, we ensure we're up-to-date on our reporting obligations and ensure the correct GST is coded.

Bizgro is a registered BAS agent. This enables Bizgro to lodge the following statements with the ATO:

Business Activity Statements (BAS)
Instalment Activity Statements (IAS)
Taxable Payment Summary (TRPS)
Payment Summaries (PS)

Further Information

Since we are a BAS agent, we can get extensions to lodge the quarterly statements. This extension is usually an extra 28 days. For example, the Apr to Jun BAS is usually required to be lodged on the 28th July, however, Bizgro gets until the 25th August to lodge the BAS. If Bizgro lodges the BAS, you will get until the 25th August to pay the BAS. We can also speak with the ATO regarding outstanding debts and remissions of penalties.

Lodgment is performed electronically and we can revise prior BAS's online. Through the BAS agent portal we can print out an ATO integrated client account so you can see what you owe to the ATO. Bizgro also reconciles this account against the accounting datafile to ensure all payments have been received by the ATO. At the end of the financial year, we reconcile the GST for the full year to ensure everything has been reported to the ATO correctly. This makes it easier for your accountant.

Get your BAS lodged on time.